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Storage services

Are you between homes? Do you need to store your belongings?

The Ahim Levi moving company in the north saves you money, and all the headaches of running around. Do you need a moving company that also offers storage services? Then we’re the company for you!

Order our storage services – everything’s included

  • Short-term or long-term.
  • Storage of house contents.
  • Also suitable for office contents.
  • Also suitable for office equipment (office paper, furniture, etc.).
Many people need to store their furniture or property for varying periods of time. People who want to renovate their homes or offices can use furniture storage services for just a few weeks until the end of the renovation process. Longer storage periods are usually more suitable for people moving abroad who wish to store their furniture until they return. Today, many moving companies offer these services, thereby streamlining the work process and doing away with the need for excessive bureaucracy and working with many companies.

Why choose Ahim Levi’s storage service?

  • Storage in a modern, high-quality warehouse (storage in a container is not recommended because it heats up and the contents become yellowed). The structure is divided into spaces of various sizes for optimal storage according to the customer’s needs.
  • Full insurance coverage for your household contents
  • Advanced security measures and security patrols
  • Pest control
  • We provide comprehensive service – moving, packing, disassembly, reassembly and storage of contents
  • Many years of moving and storage experience and providing solutions and consulting in matching the storage to your individual needs, so that you get full value for your money.
Storage services – Ahim Levi
Storage services
Packing and storage services in Haifa
Ahim Levi storage services
  • What are packing and storage services? - When we are interested in storing our furniture, whether office furniture or home furniture and household items, we also need to have a moving service. Today many moving companies offer packing and storage services which save their customers from the hassle of having to deal with many companies. The service offered by these companies includes arrival at your home or office, professionally packing all of the items you wish to put into storage (the moving company arrives with all of the equipment needed to pack your belongings with maximum efficiency), loading and transporting the items, and finally storing the items neatly in a storage warehouse belonging to the company. When the time comes, you can contact the company, and we will send the stored items to the location you require. The entire process is handled by the moving company, thereby allowing you to remain calm.
  • Do all moving companies offer storage services? – Storage services allow customers to safely keep their equipment or property for long or short periods of time. Today many moving companies offer these services, but it’s important to remember that not all companies do. It is important to check with the moving company you choose whether or not it provides these types of storage services. Companies offering such services have large warehouses to meet this need. If it is important to you to that the storage process is carried out the best and most efficient way possible, it is recommended that you choose a moving company that offers storage services.
  • Warehouse storage insurance – In order to be safe from theft, accidents or human error, many people choose to insure the moving and storage process. The storage process can be insured by means of a policy issued by a third party, or you can choose a moving company which offers insurance for its services. With many moving companies, the entire process can be insured through the company itself, thereby not necessitating the involvement of a third party. People who choose to insure their property can be sure that no harm will come to it.
Warehouse storage services

The highest quality packing and storage services

If you are looking for a professional moving company that offers packing and storage services, you’ve come to the right place. Ahim Levi Hovalot is one of the leading moving, packing and storage companies in the country. The company offers its customers personal and professional service from the beginning of the packing process until the furniture is returned to them.
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