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Ahim Levi Hovalot

Moving company in the north

  • Are you moving to the north and looking for a professional and reliable moving service?
  • Are you moving to a new office and looking for a quick and efficient office moving service?
  • Are you moving your factory and looking for a professional moving company that can handle all of your equipment?
  • If so, the Ahim Levi Hovalot moving company in the north is the company for you!
Moving company in the north
Moving in the north with Ahim Levi

Ahim Levi – The Number 1 Moving Company in the North

Ahim Levi Hovalot provides moving services for home, office, institutions and factories throughout the country. As a Haifa-based company, Ahim Levi Hovalot is the ideal solution for anyone moving from the north to any other region of the country, or alternatively, for anyone moving to the north.

With the northern moving company Ahim Levi Hovalot, you can be certain that moving day will go as smoothly as possible and with minimum problems. The company’s many years of rich experience moving homes and offices, in addition to our team of professional and experienced movers, is what enables us to provide efficient, professional and reliable moving services to every one of our customers.

Northern Moving Company – Ahim Levi Hovalot provides much more than moving services for homes and offices, and offers the following complementary services:

Storage services, for example, and during the move the company provides its customers with packing materials including: cardboard boxes, masking tape, wrapping paper for fragile items and more, provides packing services in the customer’s home, disassembles and reassembles furniture, provides moving services using cranes for large and heavy furniture and objects that cannot be lifted by elevator or taken through doors, freight moving services and short-term and long-term storage services for house contents. Every customer can enjoy the services that suit their needs and preferences.

Your Peace of Mind is Important to Us

Moving house or office is a process fraught with concerns and pressures, the main ones being the fact that the person moving must place all of their precious belongings in the hands of strangers. At Ahim Levi Hovalot we promise to treat every box or item of furniture as if it was our own property, and to treat it with the degree of caution and sensitivity it deserves.

In addition, every time we move the contents of a home or office we provide full insurance coverage for the contents being moved, up to $50,000. This allows you to have peace of mind, knowing that even if your property is damaged during transportation, you will be appropriately compensated. Our insistence on the highest standards for each moving job, as well as our reliable, polite and professional service, is what gives Ahim Levi Hovalot the respected reputation of being the most experienced moving company in the Hiafa area. The company offers its services to a large number of private, business and institutional customers. Other than one-time moving services, the company also provides regular moving services to businesses and companies throughout the country.